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Pork packing became one of New Bremen’s leading industries. Farmers came from great distances to dispose of their hogs here in town. During the peak years more than 10,000 hogs were slaughtered and shipped from New Bremen by canal boats each year.

Pork packing involved three times as much money as the next industry, which were the creameries. The agricultural product of grain that was also shipped on the canal ran twice as high as both of these industries put together.

An 1880 Atlas, showed Mr. F. I. Steinberg owned the residence at 112 N. Main, known as a warehouse and later a pork packing establishment and brewery operation. The south lower half of the building was used as a store with a display window. It was listed as selling butter, eggs, and seed - clover, grass, and flax in that section of the building. Today that establishment is home to Nitro Roofing & Construction and our Iron & Rind. 

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